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Episode #147: Pay Up (or else): Re-Paying the Medicare Accelerated Payments

March 2, 2021




Do you remember applying for and receiving the Medicare Accelerated Payment triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic?  Well, for most of you it’s been almost 1 year from the day that you received the advance.  Now, the government wants their money back!  In this edition of the QMC EMS Board and Collar podcast we take a quick look at what the repayment process looks like and what you, as an ambulance administrator, can expect to happen next.  PLUS!  There’s some late breaking potentially good news for the ambulance industry within the walls of the U.S. Senate Chambers.  You’ll want to be sure to listen to the end of our broadcast when we share what we know today.  We pack a lot of STUFF into this roughly 9-minute episode…so download it now.  Don’t miss it!!

 Presenter:  Chuck Humphrey





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