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Episode #150: 10 Questions | 30 Minutes: McGregor EMS - New Hampshire

April 28, 2021


10Q30logo_fw_png.pngWelcome to QMC's 10Q30 EMS Leadership profile.  This month, we are featuring the McGregor EMS from Durham, New Hampshire.
Tune in to hear how their leadership team is bringing innovation into their operation and a unique approach to community outreach. You will find their responses to each of our questions interesting and in many cases, thought-provoking as to how they function within their community as well as within a major a university setting.  We've got 3 great leaders from McGregor joining us providing excellent insight into their operation.  Be sure to check out this 10Q.  Our thanks to the McGregor Team and hey, be SAFE out there!  

 Your Host:  Gary Harvat and Chuck Humphrey

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