Episode #120: Difficult Conversations About Uncomfortable Topics

March 18th, 2020



EMS Leadership is challenged with many issues these days.  Reimbursement, succession planning, COVID-19 and infectious diseases and of course, the big one...managing employees.  Many EMS organizations are small in number and it is not uncommon for strong bonds of friendship to form between those in charge and those who work as a line medic.  So, how do you handle when it comes time to correct a past partner of 7 years and correct a work pattern that is not consistent with organizational policy?  Well, it's time for a difficult conversation about a specific uncomfortable topic.  It may seem easier to turn your head and look the other way but in your heart, you know that's not in the best interest of the organization - not to mention your professional status either. 

On this edition of the QMC EMS|Board & Collar we explore having those difficult conversations with employees and how to go about making the conversation have impact without pushing a great employee who just needs some tweaking out the ole door.  Join Sean Kukauskus, Ambulance Director from Spaulding Rehabilitation Network in Boston, Massachusetts as he provides some insight on this very uncomfortable topic.  

Presented by:  S. Kakauskus
Written by:  S. Kakauskus
Moderated by:  G. Harvat



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