EMS | Board & Collar

Episode #160: Take Me to Higher Ground - The Ongoing EMS Challenge of Transporting to a Higher Level of Care

August 17, 2021




“Transported to a higher level of care.”  It’s a phrase EMS providers use often.  However, this little  phrase can cause your billing office some angst and headaches. Are you attune to documenting this in your electronic patient care report (ePCR)?  Have you covered all the necessary basis to support medical necessity...yes, no, maybe?

In this episode of the QMC EMS Board & Collar podcast, QMC Compliance Team members Katie Harrison and Chuck Humphrey unpack how to properly document using the phrase with just a little extra detail.  If you're headed to higher ground or a higher level of care, get there with these great tips from our team.  

 Presenters:  Chuck Humphrey and Katie Harrison




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