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November 15, 2019

Quick Med Claims (QMC) began billing for emergency medical services in 1991 and are proud to say we’ve got the same commitment to our clients today as we did then. Our experience has shown that consistent investment in quality billing staff, training and compliance oversight is what best serves the client. While we’ve grown over the years, we’ve always tried to ensure that our growth never affects our ability to deliver individual attention to our clients.

QMC serves a wide range of emergency medical transport organizations including fire department, municipal third service, government EMS, hospital-based, not-for-profit and private ambulance providers.  Currently, QMC has clients in 30+ states and 6 offices in the US serving emergency medical service organizations from Alaska to Florida and Maine to Arizona.  

As part of QMC's ongoing outreach and commitment to emergency medical service (EMS) providers, we have committed resources to developing the Board & Collar podcast concept.  Overall, our intent is create a professional podcast series to better educate EMS professionals on key topics affecting this most noble profession. 

For more information about QMC and our Board & Collar podcasts please visit the Quick Med Claims website. You may also contact us at 1.800.901.1155 or email us directly at: clientservices@quickmedclaims.com 

We look forward to having you take part in our podcasts.



Gary C. Harvat, CMTE, EMT-P (ret.)
Director of Client Services
Quick Med Claims

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