EMS | Board & Collar


July 16, 2020

10Q30 is a unique concept that has worked well for us in the past in the webinar format.  We felt the podcast format would create additional excitement with our listeners and we will be adding it to our Board & Collar series of programs.

10Q30 is a thirty-minute program where we ask EMS leaders from across the country 10 "canned" questions over 30 minutes that are considered to be issues affecting both ground emergency medical services and air medical organizations nationally.  Presently, all of our guests are asked the same ten questions and it is interesting and thought-provoking to take in their responses. 

Some of the questions include matters such as succession planning within their respective organization, managing of the opioid epidemic in their community, employee retention and more.  Each leader is also given the opportunity to provide an overview of their organization so all of us can better understand the geography and demographics of our guest's organizations.  We interview leaders from all types of services; fire-based, municipal, private, hospital-based, etc.  Additionally, our guests come from urban, suburban and rural areas of the country so as to get a well-rounded perspective of how these key issues are addressed so you can compare to your organization. It is very interesting to hear the responses as well as the differences and similarities in addressing nationally-recognized issues. 

Please consider attending these unique 30 minute podcasts.


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