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Excuse My Medic

June 27, 2020

EM2_Logo2NEW_fw_fw.pngThe QMC Board & Collar presents a new and informative show for our listeners. EXCUSE MY MEDIC or EM2 is a multi-faceted news show with Chuck Humphrey, Ed Marasco and Gary Harvat, three seasoned EMS veterans (some would term them in other ways) who offer opinionated views of topics affecting the emergency medical service industry. 

The show will include hot items which will generate great discussions, light-hearted stories, guests and even some pokes, jabs and belly-laughs along the way.  You will enjoy the format as well as the back and forth banter created by these two gray-hairs. They're not pretty to look at (the podcast format works well in this regard) but fun to listen to when you need a break from the daily madness but still have a hankering to be informed on key subjects affecting both ground EMS and air medical organizations nationwide  

Whether you're listening to EM2 on the morning drive to work or on the way home from the 4-12 shift, you will be not only informed but entertained by their sometimes, off-beat comments and views.  



New episodes of EXCUSE MY MEDIC will be offered 6 times annually and we hope you will join us. 


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